Business Breakdown

The path to a seamless change

Our methodical approach makes sure that the process change fits in well with the rest of your business. Little inconvenience to your business results from an efficient and quick transfer. We collaborate with you to find areas where outsourcing makes sense and implement cost-saving, productivity, and process-improving changes.

Lower labour costs and increase flexibility in staffing

Get more done with an extended team

Comparison between the number of local employees and the number of DSKY at the base wage, with each additional local employee paid $45,000

Utilise exchange rate disparities Our hiring ratio is 2-3 or 3-4 for an average role. This means that you can simply multiply processing outcomes for each local hire by allowing for two or three hires at the same price.

The transition roadmap

We re-evaluate processes, streamline structures add controls and metrics.

Cost savings comparison

Instead of reevaluating ways to make their operations more efficient, goods carriers frequently add more workers in response to a spike in demand. By decreasing or limiting local headcount and its related costs by as much as 50–80% per employee, logistics process outsourcing can save labour costs.

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